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At BioFoodLab we decided that we can produce all-natural high-quality products and make them affordable for everyone only if we have our own production facilities.


So in 2015 we have opened our own factory in Moscow. Our production basis is well-qualified personnel and production machinery which is unique for Russia.

All BioFoodLab products are being made at our own R&D laboratory, and thanks to the careful production technology developed by our company they keep the maximum of vitamins and mineral nutrients. Our technology allows excluding chemical ingredients such as flavour enhancers, preservatives or flavourings from the formulation.

Efficiently running process control system allows us to create all-natural and delicious products for adults and children that have no equals anywhere in the world. We are 100% confident in their safety because of the intensive quality management during all the production stages from a concept to the realization.

The HACCP (ISO22000), FSSC quality management system principles are introduced and maintained at the BioFoodLab production facilities.